The Happy Stove from MBS

Ideal for homes, boats and barges

boat stovesMBS Wood Stoves

Product Dimensions (mm)

720 x 400 x 400

Fire Box Dimension (mm)

285 x 300 X 250

Nominal Thermal Power (kw)

6 kw

Flue Dimension (mm)


Recommended Fuel

Wood / Coal

Colours: Red, 

Cream, Black








M.B.S Happy Stove 6kw Multi fuel with cast top for cooking pan, has a lip on top for safety

Retro Style

The flue collar is molded onto the top of the stove which the free 1 meter of flue pipe fits onto for easy installation.

 RED, Cream, and Black  enamel colours available!) 

(top quality at unbeatable prices!!!!)

European made !!!!

The dimensions are: 700mm high x 400mm wide x 400mm deep.

Free 1 Meter Flue Pipe !!!!!!!!!

Ideal for homes boats and barges !!!

Conforms to CE En 13240:2001 EN1340:2001+A2:2004;EN13240:2001+AC:2006.EN13240:2001/A2:2004/AC:2006 :EN13240:2001/A2:2004/AC:2007

Testimonial from a satisfied customer:

David Thomas/Epirus BoHappy StoveBig Thank you to Tony for our Cute but Perfect Stove, Its 6Kw in Cream and Perfect for our Dorma Bungalow, easy to install, and i was short on Cash so Tony Helped us with the Brackets Flu's and Cement, Took me less than an hour, Highly Recommended.2013-03-15 08:22:25

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The Happy Stove

Constructed with an enameled steel body, Cast iron top and doors


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