Best EuropeanPoly-floral homogenised Organic Honey, 311kg Pallet, for only £1499 

Organoleptic characteristics: 

-mildly intensive colour, strong aroma, with average sweetness. 

Insurance for prepayment . CAD, if required. 

Contact for further details. 

Organoleptic Indicators: 

-Colour – light yellow to brownish-red 

-Аroma – pleasant 

-Taste – sweet 

CN number 0409/,20 

complete with Government laboratory analysis certification 

Beekeeping Farm "BORMALIISKI" dates back to 1942 when Boris Borisov BORMALIISKI started beekeeping.
 The farm has two apiary total of 60 colonies located in the foot of the mountains above the town of Hissar.
 the farm is Currently run by his grandson Boris BORMALIISKI and has more than 600 colonies.
The main activity of the farm is the production of natural bee products - honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly, Geometer. 
We also do mobile beekeeping, transporting hives using the crane, in the municipality of Hissar, Karlovo, Kaloyanovowhich during the season.
Swarms are placed mainly acacia, lime, sunflower and meadow pasture in individual years using grazing coriander, lavender and mildew.
Only the best beekeeping practices are practised on the farm.
We only use new containers for storage and all extraction and cutting equipment and machinery are made from copper and stainless steel INOX.

Pchelooprashvaneto is an important link in the technology of growing entomophilic cultures helps to increase yields, improve quality of fruits and seeds and increasing the vitality of generations of plants.
Moreover entimofilnite pollinating plants, honeybees ekelegichnoto maintain balance and protecting the environment, preserving biodiversity in flora and fauna. 
Studies show that all of the insects involved in pollination of most plants, honeybee falls from 85 to 98% of pollinator activity, i.e. it is a major pollinators. A yield of pollinated crops rises to 40%.

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