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Wood and Multi Fuel Cookers

Take a look at our Wood and Multi fuel Cookers

All fired by wood or solid fuel they can be used as stand alone Wood Cookers or the Wood Cookers

with boilers can connect and supplement your Central Heating System; or completely replace it!!

The benefits of this system are obvious and are by no means new.

Our wood Cookers and Ovens are used extensively in Europe and are set to feature

much more in the UK as the Price of Gas, Oil and Electricity rocket.

Can be used indoors or outside as Barbecue.

We are the only official UK distributor of the Prity 95 ltd range of stoves, boiler stoves and cookersClick here to confirm

Beware of ebay sellers Mr Gimleys, riversiderant00 and woodburningstovesbg who can not offer the correct guarantees and warranties for any Prity products.

He is not getting his stoves from the manufacturers for sale within the UK. 


The PRITY 2P41 Range Cooker

Lovely Little Multi Fuel Cooker

14 kw

2 Top plates and Oven

• Size (cm) W*D*H : 93*59*79 
• Weight (kg) : 117

Flue diam 125mm

Boiler Stove Range Cooker W12 2P41

• Type : With Water

• Volume of Water jacket in litres : 11 
• Heat Power (kw) : 12+5=17 
• Size (cm) W*D*H : 93*59*79 
• Weight (kg) : 117 
• Heat Area m2 : 60 m2 Room / 125 from Boiler

Number of Radiators: 6-8

New models of Prity 2m, W12 cookers same space as other models but with or without a new large single door underneath for storage and chrome rails


PRITY 2P41 DOOR Range Cooker

The Same specifications as 2P Range cooker but with the two doors for storage

PRITY 1P50R Range Cooker

Prity R

• Type : Dry

• Heating Power (kw) : 14

• Size (cm) W*D*H : 86*67*86

• Weight (kg) : 134

• Heat Area (min. - max.) m2 : 50 - 60

. Fire box Dim l=290 mm, w=540 mm, h=235 mm.

Prity 3m cooker above has three large cooking rings

Prity Insert stoves with or without boilers on the left