Fireplaces were the main source of heat for homes in the 18th century. Most fireplaces of the day were very inefficient. They produced a lot of smoke and most of the heat that was generated went right out the chimney. Sparks in the home were of great concern because they could cause a fire that would quickly destroy the homes, which were constructed mainly with wood.

Benjamin Franklin developed a new style of stove with a hoodlike enclosure in the front and an airbox in the rear. The new stove and reconfiguration of the flues allowed for a more efficient fire, one that used one quarter as much wood and generated twice as much heat. When offered a patent for the fireplace's design, Benjamin Franklin turned it down. He did not want to make a profit. He wanted all people to benefit from his invention.

Why not consider using our natural resources in a more economical way. With the Super Thermo Magnum Wood/ multi fuel cooker Oven Stove you can heat your house and feed your family at the same time minimising cost. Using wood and coal as fuel is a viable method of being energy independent.These Wood fired Solid fuel Stoves (Multi fuelled ) Stoves are ideal if you live off the beaten track where their is no gas supply.We retail most of our Range Cookers and wood burning ovens to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and have received very favourable reviews. Woodburning ovens are, of course nothing new and the traditional kitchen range oven has long been a favourite, not only for it’s timeless good looks, but also because range cooking is quite different to modern gas and electric ovens and hobs, and there’s nothing quite like the homely background warmth spreading out from the kitchen to the rest of the house. Our combination wood burning range cookers like the Rayburn deliver an all in one solution capable of heating the whole house - full hob and oven cooking facilities plus a boiler for supplying hot water to the main hot water cylinder and also to the central heating radiators, and of course localized space heating and that traditional kitchen range look !!! 

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We are the official UK distributor of the Prity and M.B.S range of stoves, boiler stoves and cookers. 

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