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Wood Ovens with Back Boiler option

Why not consider using our natural resources in a more economical way. With the Prity or Mbs Wood Oven Stove

With our Wood Ovens you can heat your house and feed your family at the same time and cost.

Using wood as fuel is a viable method of being energy independent.

These Wood fired Solid fuel Stoves (Multi fuelled ) Stoves are ideal if you live off the beaten track where their

 is no gas supply.

We retail most of our Range Cookers and wood burning ovens to Scotland, Ireland, Wales and have received very

 favourable revievs.

Woodburning ovens are, of course nothing new and the traditional kitchen range oven has long been a favourite,

 not only for it’s timeless good looks

, but also because range cooking is quite different to modern gas and electric ovens and hobs, and there’s nothing

 quite like the homely background

 warmth spreading out from the kitchen to the rest of the house. Combination wood burning range cookers such

 as the Rayburn deliver an all in one

 solution capable of heating the whole house - full hob and oven cooking facilities plus a boiler for supplying

 hot water to the main hot water cylinder

 and also to the central heating radiators, and of course localized space heating and that traditional kitchen 

range look

Thinking of Heating With Wood ?